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Essential Diversey Chemicals: A Guide for R1 to R9 TASKI Series

by Azhar Umar, June 15, 2024

Summary: Popular R1 to R9 TASKI chemical series, their applications, pack sizes, and recommended usage. Indispensable for every diligent housekeeping professional maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

If you’re a hotelier, one of your top priorities is making sure that guests have a comfortable stay and your property remains utmost hygienic.

Diversey (formerly: Johnson Diversey) products are designed to keep surfaces clean without compromising the natural feel or look of your property – so they can help maintain that luxury vibe while still being environmentally friendly. In India, Diversey products list is an exhaustive one with over 170 cleaning chemicals for various specialised applications. These cleaning chemicals are classified by Diversey into various other sub-brands:

  • TASKI – Cleaning used in housekeeping.
  • SUMA – Chemicals used in kitchen and food service departments.
  • CLAX – Chemicals used in commercial laundry.
  • Softcare – Personal care products like hand wash and sanitisers.

Here we discuss the most popular TASKI chemicals list and uses every housekeeping professional should be thorough of.

TASKI Cleaning Product Table

ProductApplicationPack SizeNormal SoilingHeavy Soiling
TASKI R1Bathroom cleaner5 Litre20 ml in 1-litre water20 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI R2General-purpose hard surface cleaner5 Litre20 ml in 1-litre water40 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI R3Glass cleaner5 Litre20 ml in 1-litre water50 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI R4Furniture maintainer5 LitreReady-to-useReady-to-use
TASKI R5Air freshener5 LitreReady-to-useReady-to-use
TASKI R6Toilet bowl cleaner5 LitreReady-to-useReady-to-use
TASKI R7Floor cleaner5 Litre20 ml in 1-litre water50 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI R9Bathroom cleaner for hard water locations5 Litre50 ml in 1-litre water100 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI Spiral HDHeavy-duty floor cleaner and degreaser5 Litre20 ml in 1-litre water50 ml in 1-litre water
TASKI Metal PolishAll-purpose metal polish100 ml / 200 mlReady-to-useReady-to-use
TASKI Green AppleAir freshener5 LitreReady-to-useReady-to-use

TASKI R1 Super – bathroom cleaner-cum-sanitiser concentrate

TASKI R1 Super is a cleaning and disinfectant agent that is formulated completely to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the bathroom, namely sinks, bathtubs, tiles, floors, and fixtures. This delightfully scented product contains no abrasives or bleach. TASKI R1 is safe for bathroom furniture, marble, and granite.

TASKI R2 – general purpose hard surface cleaner concentrate

TASKI R2 is a concentrated cleaning agent with a universal disinfectant. This pleasantly scented product without abrasives or bleach is ideal for quickly and gently cleaning all hard surfaces (e.g. TV cabinets, photo frames, phones, etc.), including glass and mirrors. TASKI R2 is recommended for use on glossy floor surfaces such as polished marble, granite, etc.

TASKI R3 – glass cleaner concentrate

TASKI R3 is a concentrated cleaning agent for cleaning all types of glass and mirrors. Regular cleaning of windows, panes and mirrors with the TASKI R3 keeps surfaces clean and streak-free.

TASKI R4 Shine-up – furniture maintainer

TASKI R4 Shine-up is a product for the treatment of wooden furniture. With daily use, it cleans and leaves a deep, shiny shine on wooden furniture.

TASKI R5 – air freshener

TASKI R5 is a water-based air freshener with a pleasant floral scent that deodorizes guest rooms, banquet halls and offices. This product is extremely economical in use, when compared with aerosol-based air fresheners and does not use ozone-depleting aerosols.

TASKI R6 – toilet bowl cleaner

TASKI R6 is an effective toilet cleaner specially formulated to remove scale and stubborn stains. Leaves the toilet bowls and urinals shiny and clean. Regular use of TASKI R6 prevents lime-scale build-up.

TASKI R7 – floor cleaner concentrate

TASKI R7 is an effective floor cleaner. It can be used for wet mopping and machine cleaning.

TASKI R9 – bathroom cleaner concentrate for hard water locations

TASKI R9 is a cleaner that is fully formulated to clean all fixtures and walls in the bathroom, viz. Sink, tub, tiles and faucet. It was developed specifically for use in hard water regions. Regular use of TASKI R9 prevents limescale deposits on walls and fixtures.

TASKI Spiral HD – heavy duty floor cleaner and degreaser

Strong alkaline industrial degreaser for effective removal of mineral/synthetic oil, tar, grease, soot, etc. TASKI Spiral HD is mainly used to remove dirt from very dirty floors. It can also be used for low and medium soil conditions at lower concentrations.

TASKI Metal Polish – all purpose metal polish

TASKI Metal Polish is a universal cleaning agent for cleaning and polishing metal together. Cleans and brightens dull surfaces by removing dirt, rust, water stains, chalk, chalk, heat discoloration, lead and dust residue, oxidation, insects, tar, oil, fingerprints, wood resin, bird droppings, bird droppings, bird droppings and stains. It deposits afterwards a fine coat of wax to provide intense lustre restoring the original sheen which protects it further against scratches and oxidation.

TASKI Green Apple – liquid odor counteractant

TASKI Green Apple is a water-based air freshener with a pleasant Green Apple scent that deodorizes guest rooms, banquet halls and offices.

What is R1 to R9 in Housekeeping?

Most cleaning chemical manufacturers use this list as a starting point and create their own series for the same applications. They even copy the R1, R2, R3 and so on naming series to their own P1, P2, P3, P4 or M1, M2, M3, M4 and so on range. As a result, it is common for housekeeping professionals to regard this as the primary reference for housekeeping chemical list.

We hope this article provided a good overview of the basic Diversey TASKI products list needed to keep your hotel, resort or any other commercial building clean and sanitary. The list is not all-inclusive and it’s important that you add appropriate chemical products for each special situation that may arise.

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